Azure Cost Management for Busy People by Dwayne R Monroe

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Azure Cost Management for Busy People was written to provide both business professionals and their technology partners with a guide to controlling cloud costs on Azure. Cost control is an often overlooked and under-appreciated cloud skill - until you review your bill. Using this guide, I hope you’ll learn the skills and techniques you’ll use to right-size your Azure spend and plan from the start with cost in-mind. key topics include:

The link between architectural choices and cost

The importance of strategy and planning to your cloud efforts

Azure Cost Management: Using the Azure Portal

Azure Cost Management: Using PowerShell

And more!

Your Azure costs are too high and you aren’t sure what to do about it. This book shows you how to get control.

Azure Cost Management as a Strategic Business Tool

For many, perhaps most, organizations the cost of running technology on Azure is treated as an IT problem, ‘solved’ by simply finding savings. Azure Cost Management for Busy People is written from a FinOps perspective which views cloud costs as a signal that can be used to assess whether your cloud investment is performing.

Azure Cost Management as an Observability Tool

Your Azure costs should be treated as a data point or metric like other types of measurements. The Azure Cost Management tool is an observability tool that provides real-time insight about the sources of your cloud spend. Using this data, you can make more informed decisions about what to utilize (i.e., making smart architectural choices) and what the impact is on material spend.

Azure Cost Management as Part of the FinOps Cycle

FinOps (for, Financial Operations) is a growing and evolving practice area focused on helping organizations adapt to, and thrive in, the era of OPEX. A key part of FinOps is the concept of a feedback loop, or cycle, in which cloud spend data, distributed to stakeholders, is used to inform decisions. Azure Cost Management for Busy People shows you how to use the Azure Cost Management tool as part of that cycle.

For many organizations, cloud is treated as an IT area alone; this is a mistake. Cloud technology, with its capacity to provide real-time data about usage and spend (and, through tagging, business insight) is an opportunity for the entire enterprise - and particularly personnel in value chain and finance - to finally have a comprehensive understanding of how the technology investment is performing. Azure Cost Management for Busy People can be your guide to learning how.

This Microsoft video (click on the image) provides an overview of Azure Cost Management

Optimizing Cloud Investments in Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management Quick Guide

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